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List ID B-212 Quantity 72,000


The core of AMPCo’s services is a database of over 140,000 health care practitioners and organisations. AMPCo combines technology, best business practice and the largest data integrity team to provide the most up-to-date, comprehensive, best permissioned and finely profiled database available. The database is large, with more than 74,000 doctors, 17,000 practices and more than 7,400 health care facilities. The database also includes dentists, pharmacies, practice managers, diabetes educators, allied health professionals and more. Health professionals are more mobile than ever. 

The investment required to keep a database up-to-date  is essential and significant. AMPCo’s data integrity  team conduct more than 5,000 reviews on database  records daily. Clean and consistent segmentation of data means you can select, test and reach just the people or organisations you want. Your ROI is improved by reaching just the  people you need. You can select refined segments to test and develop world’s best practice sales and marketing strategies.

With AMPCo there are literally more than a million ways that you can define a selection. The ability to precisely define a selection means you have minimum wastage and the best possible ROI. You can select a desired quantity and adjust the selection to match, or define your selection by a range of criteria. Selection criteria includes:

 • Doctor classification or specialty
 • Fields of practice
 • Medical interests
 • Year of graduation 
• Languages spoken
 • Prescription volume
 • Patient load
 • Drug classes prescribed
 • Employed as
 • Full time or part time 
 • Non-medical interests (lifestyle)
 • Primary or other practice addresses
 • Preferred mailing addresses
 • Postcode, region or RRM

Doctors, healthcare facilities, pharmacies, pharmacists & other
Mail and/or phone data available 

Group practices & practice managers
Mailing data only available @ $850 per 1000 records & Setup fee $430

Australia NZ Total
58,000 14,000 72,000


Employment (where & How) National / State Areas
Languages Spoken Postcode
Metropolitan / Rural


Format:   Mail, Phone, Fax, Email

Delivery Method:

  • MS Excel File
  • Text

Turnaround:   2 working days

Delivery Guarantee:   99%


Setup and Delivery Fee        $375
Mailing Data Rental - Australia        $450 per `000
Mail and Phone Data Rental        $850 per `000
Fax Data Rental        $450 per `000
Mailing Data Rental - NZ        $630 per `000
Minimum Order        1,700 contacts

EMAIL Broadcasts are only available for clinical/scientific communications
Setup fee $630
Data & Broadcast fee $1.15 per record
Minimum fee $1,375

Charity Discounts apply

Plus GST

Terms and Conditions

1. All list rental subject to list owner approval.
2. The sale will be subject to The Prospect Shop standard set of terms and conditions for data sales.
3. Due to frequency of data updates, the data count figures cannot be guaranteed.
4. Prices subject to change without notice.
5. All mailings to be undertaken by approved mail house unless otherwise agreed.

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